• Your Wedding Planner ALWAYS has your best interest at heart – Whether you’re in the beginning stages of planning or halfway through your reception, your planner will always make sure your voice is heard. As a couple, this is your day together, and your planner wants it to feel like the magic you’re dreaming about.  

  • Your Wedding Planner is creative and has imaginative ideas. They have the ability to pull together your overwhelming Pinterest board ideas into a styling direction that brings your inspiration to life. The wedding you have been dreaming of becomes a reality.

  • Your Wedding Planner is your Best Friend and Adviser until your wedding day. Your planner wants to know about your family. She wants to become a part of your family, know your family dynamics; who gets along, who doesn’t, who needs to sit near each other and who might not be a good idea to sit near each other. These are very important details to make sure the wedding day goes very smoothly. It’s called family, and everyone has one. By knowing these details, your wedding planner can prep beforehand. Everyone will be on board and ready to assist if anything should arise in order to keep your day as enjoyable.

  • Your Wedding Planner is your POC. Your Point Of Contact. Specifically, during the month leading up to your wedding day, your wedding planner will become the POC for your vendors instead of the bride or groom. As a result, the couple is free to enjoy their final month of their engagement. Your planner will also be Team Captain on your wedding day as she points every professional in the correct direction.  

  • Your Wedding Planner is your Chief Problem Solver. Each and every vendor makes a mistake and one may occur on your wedding day. However, your planner will likely catch the mistake and resolve the problem before you ever notice it. She will double check contracts to make sure you’re receiving the full service you expect, guide transportation that may run behind, and so much more. Your wedding day will feel close to perfect to you even if your planner has been solving problems throughout the day. The key is for you to never feel stressed and never know something wrong may have happened.

  • Your Wedding Planner will be your Logistics Expert by creating a wedding day timeline for your event. She will consult your photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, and more prior to your wedding day in order to create an event flow that will work well for all. From vendor arrivals to when your transportation needs to leave your hotel, the best time to start your ceremony to the moment your final dance must occur, your wedding planner will have expert suggestions for it all! The day will flow so comfortably the bride and groom will truly experience the best day ever.

  • Your Wedding Planner will be Administrator. Even the most prepped bridal parties will have questions on your wedding day, and that’s where your planner will step in! Your planner will make sure your bridal party is running on time, she will provide guidance for your processional and recessional during your ceremony, and she will be on hand to remind your maid of honor and best man about their speeches. Your planner is also always ready to pin a boutonniere, hold a purse, and offer advice.

  • Your Wedding Planner will be Concierge services. The best weddings are talked about by guests for days, weeks, and months after they end! Planners are well equipped to advise you on seating charts and timelines that will allow your guests to have an optimum experience. Plus, your planner will also be happy to lend a helping hand to grandparents, guests with dietary restrictions (always inform your planner and caterer about food allergies!), and more.

                                            VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!

A Venue Coordinator is not your wedding coordinator.  The venue coordinator responsibilities are to make sure the venue is prepped and ready to serve you and your guests, sometimes they will jump in with the catering staff to ensure meals are arriving to guests in a timely fashion, and so much more. Although your venue coordinator wants your wedding day to be wonderful, their first priority is to make sure the venue is on point. Your Wedding Planner, is there for YOU and your love, your bridal party, family, and guests first.  There is a huge difference in their responsibilities.