My dream has finally come true! 

In spring of 2016, I decided to finally follow my heart and with the support of my awesome husband, Johnathan, we opened Wild Daisy Events.  Our  company motto is right on point for who I am.  “Because in Your Dreams, Every Detail Matters.”  A bride has been dreaming of her wedding since the first time she slid her foot into her mother’s high heels.  My goal is simple, bring the dream you’ve had to life.  I have an eye for detail.  I tend to focus on the little things that are most often over looked.

After years of assisting family, friends and co-workers plan their events and celebrations; I decided it was time to make it a career. The goal of our company is to take the stress of the day and replace it with only happy memories. I have taken several college certified wedding planner courses and will continue to educate myself with  the latest trends, to keep our company current.  I will inspire you throughout your whole event process.  I will take away your stress by being at your side, always listening to your needs so that you can simply enjoy your event. 

With so much excitement surrounding the most memorable day of your life, the endless list of things to do, and details to take care of can exhaust even the most organized wedding couple-to-be. Utilizing our skills of an experienced wedding planner can ensure all the details are taken care of while you relax and savor every moment of your wedding day.  I have the talent and experience you’re looking for and resources to minimize your stress. Our job is to make your special day one that you, your family, and all of your guests will remember forever. With my expertise, I will help bring out your unique style and make your wedding event everything you dreamed.

– Fun Facts –

  • I’m not a good movie date, most times, I miss the plot because I’m too busy thinking about the curtains in that scene or the placing of the table in the next.
  • A world without Coca-Cola is not worth living! I once dug through a restaurant dumpster for a 1972 Coca-Cola can for my collection.
  • Back in the day, I went to five Duran Duran concerts in one year. Every time I hear the first notes of a Duran Duran song, I shout out “Duran Duran” regardless where we are.
  • I don’t like Chocolate. I know, hu?!! Not sure why, I just don’t care for it. But for some reason, I can punish a pound of Coffee M&M’s.
  • I can’t sit through a scary movie but I will decorate my front yard like the zombies are visiting for the month. Lots of blood, severed body parts hanging…..I’ve been told, it’s pretty gross. <wicked giggle>
  • I am a very proud Army BRAT. Born and raised (until age 15) in Germany. Married a sexy Air Force man. 
  • I have two beautiful daughters and thanks to my husband, I now have a handsome son.
  • The best part of my morning is when my husband brings me coffee in bed.  
  • I bleed silver and blue – Go Dallas Cowboys!

                        Victoria’s handsome, partner in crime…….… Johnathan Stallings

  • I’m a proud North Carolina native from Raleigh and military Veteran serving more than 24 years in the US Air Force.  My favorite assignment was as a First Sergeant in Security Forces, and yes, it’s because we got to carry guns. My final flight landed us in the Charlotte and Lake Norman region. My part time job now is any “pro bono” work I can do for Wild Daisy Events.  Like Victoria, I pride myself in great organizational skills and attention to detail, though Victoria is definitely the amazing talent with the creative eye for making your dreams a reality. 
  • I am a simple guy, yet adventurous, outgoing, and love to travel and experience different things.
  • I am an experienced scuba diver and there is nothing more relaxing, except when a barracuda decides to swim alongside of you.
  • Some of my other favorite hobbies are hiking, shooting guns, and riding motorcycles, but my favorite pastime is doing anything with my bride.
  • My favorite outfits involve boots and jeans, though Victoria is good at making sure I’m dressed in style when I need to be. 
  • A clean car is a MUST, and yes I’m a little anal retentive and OCD about it, but I’m ok with that.
  • I love a nice strong venti Starbucks coffee with just a little room for cream any time of day, but it’s a must in the morning.
  • Sweet potato anything is one of the all-time foods, though pumpkin pie is my favorite vegetable.
  • I love making my daughter laugh with Scooby Doo voices…and Scrappy too. 
  • Sleeping in means I got to sleep past 6:00 a.m…which means when kept our puppy playing until 11:00 p.m. so he would sleep longer.
  • I love to exercise, especially if it involves a walk with my wife.
  • I love going to wineries and breweries in different locations to experience the latest and greatest on barrel and tap.
  • Growing up my sister always called me mischievous, I called it being creative; and now ironically enough my wife calls me mischievous…I still call it creative.
  • The highlight of any day is seeing my beautiful wife happy and smiling.