Wedding Planning For All Styles and All Sizes of Weddings

Wild Daisy Events provides the tools, friendly guidance and wedding industry experience to assist clients in planning their weddings. Most importantly, their clients know they want to enjoy their wedding day. After the planning, the couple celebrates that day rather than worrying about logistics, set up, questions from vendors and details. We realize that not every wedding is exactly the same and that not every package is just right for you. We can custom tailor an approach for your unique style!

          Two Levels of Service

Blissful Bride:    (Full-Service Wedding Coordinator)  

You’re in the beginning or early phase or planning your wedding.  You have started looking into wedding vendors and maybe even hired one or two of them.  Other than that, you are at a loss and have no idea how to finish the process!  You’re already stressing about the day of your wedding.  You want everything to come off without a hitch and spend a day of pampering and enjoying yourself rather than setting up the ceremony and reception and directing vendors on what to do.

Blushing Brides:    (30 to 45 Days Out – Weddings Event Management)  

You’ve been working through the motions of planning your wedding, but you’re a busy professional and so is your groom-to-be.  You’re halfway through the planning but are now ready to turn it over to a professional to see it through to the end.  At this point, you’re looking for someone to generate ideas, find vendors, schedule appointments and manage the negotiating and contract process.

Custom wedding packages can start at $1,100 and range to $3,000.  Initial deposits 25% upfront, non-refundable.